Annual Reports

 In accordance with article 5.11 of the Regulation for the implementation of EEA FM 2009-2014 and Article 17 of the management and monitoring system (p.n. 12104/EYD&PLAP 275 28/3/2014) issued by the Ministers of Finance, Development and Competiveness (GG 781/Β/28.03.2014), the Program Operator shall submit the annual report of the Programme as described in Annex 9 of the Regulation to FMC and the National Focal Point. The annual report includes:

  • the progress in implementing the programme compared to the plans set out in the programme agreement and/or the preceding annual programme report and in achieving the expected outputs;
  • the programme’s contribution to the overall objective and outcomes of the programme area;
  • specific details of challenges to implementation and plans to overcome such challenges, including any changes to risk mitigation measures and financial plans; and
  • a summary listing of irregularities and of the measures taken to remedy these.


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